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Depeche Mode — Lie To Me
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В песне Depeche Mode — Lie To Me всего 142 слов. Из них неповторяющихся - 88. Количество песен на нашем портале, с такой же (5 мин. 4 сек.) продолжительностью - 3. Также на сайте есть ещё 95 песен, где автором выступает Depeche Mode

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Depeche Mode — Lie To Me

Come on and lay with me
Come on and lie to me
Tell me you love me
Say I′m the only one

Experiences have a lasting impression
But words once spoken
Don′t mean a lot now
Belief is the way
The way of the innocent
And when I say innocent
I should say naive
So lie to me
But do it with sincerity
Make me listen
Just for a minute
Make me think
There′s some truth in it

Promises made for convenience
Aren′t necessarily
What we need
Truth is a word
That′s lost it′s meaning
The truth has become
Merely half-truth
So lie to me
Like they do it in the factory
Make me think
That at the end of the day
Some great reward
Will be coming my way

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